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Even more photos of progress at TOLO at completing Grace Hall

Today, is Saturday May 17th 2014. In our efforts to build a new building we have named Grace Hall for the children of TOLO has of today completed the floor tiling of 2 bedrooms, the floor tilings and wall tilings of 2 bathrooms and shower stalls, one side of the kitchen wall tiling and the workers have painted the first coat on the outside of Grace Hall.

The windows man was supposed to come measure on next Monday but he showed up today. All of the 24 windows have been measured and they will begin making windows on Monday! The cost of these windows is 63,000 baht which is a bit over 2,000 dollars. We have paid half of that amount down as a deposit and will be expected to pay the balance in about two weeks. We will do so if the donors and potential donors come through.

We have asked many folks to prayerfully consider making a donation of any amount, no matter how insignificant it may seem. If a lot of people participate in this effort we will be able to raise the remaining 5,000 dollars needed to complete Grace Hall and begin taking in more children. Five dollars, ten dollars fifty dollars, a hundred dollars or more will all help. The facility is exactly 1,408 square feet, and the cost altogether for the building, and land comes out to a total of 25 dollars per square foot.

The goal here at Tree of Life Orphanage Buriram Thailand is to be finished on the 6th of July. That is exactly one day before Phong and my 25th wedding anniversary. Nehemiah's walls were competed in 52 days. Grace Hall will have taken 1 year. 52 days to go! Let's get it done friends.

Email or facebook or telephone them with a tweet or sms to all of your friends and ask them to do likewise.In that way we could potentially reach thousands of people. If you are unable to donate then at least please pray for us that others will come through. If some of your friends do decide to help and pass on our request in turn to their friends we will achieve or exceed all of our goals.

May God richly bless you for helping us to take care of orphaned, abandoned, indigent Thai children. In His service, Roger and Phongsri Walker