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Financial Accountability

TOLO’s attention to financial credibility is something we take very seriously. We use several safeguards to assure that money is spent wisely: We encourage all monetary donations go through the Family Life Church that assists in sending funds to TOLO. This assures that tax benefits are realized and we are directly accountable to two separate organizations. We are developing a ways for our volunteers with finance backgrounds to scrutinize how we spend our resources. In addition we welcome partners to freely ask us how we spend our resources and how the children are cared for. Board of Trustees

Charles Bertuhiaume Montreal, Canada chberthiaume@yahoo.ca
Pastor Terry Sparks Family Life Church Sulphur Springs, TX pastortsparks@msn.com
Chuckyael Rubin Los Angeles, CA yaelchuck@gmail.com
Folke Wallberg Thoiry, Rhone alpes, France folke@folke.ch
Roger Walker TOLO Resident Director and Center Manager tolodad@yahoo.com