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Grace Hall, TOLO Buriram Thailand 26 July 2014

These are the latest photos on the progress of construction at Grace Hall at Tree of Life Orphanage Buriram Thailand which were taken by my wife Phongsri on the 26th and 27th of July.. We still have a ways to go but as of now the house is in livable condition. The electricity is now hooked up and as of the 28th of July the water is on as well. We will discontinue construction for the time being until funds are available to complete the last phase work yet to be done which include the following:cement and then tiled sidewalks around the house, landscaping and repairing and extending the driveway, purchase and installation of cupboards for the kitchen, curtains for the windows, three wooden bedroom doors for the upstairs area, a sliding glass door to be added at the base of the staircase, ceiling painting throughout the entire facility, correcting the wall paint where it touches the ceilings, wall fans for each room, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. It is hard to believe we have come this far but the Lord has been good and His servants, our sponsors, church friends, local Thai people and businesses who allow us to place TOLO donation boxes in their business establishments, Buriram United Fans, Buriram United Football Club President Newin Chidchob, Big C, Taweekit, CP Printing, Siri Electronics, KAP Cement, Sports Zone, Rewat Printing, and many other fine individuals and companies, prayer intercessors, associates and volunteers, child sponsors, and avid fund raising efforts by volunteers worldwide hailing from America, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland, have all contributed to the success of the mission. Without all of your help, brothers and sisters, friends, associates and especially our beloved trustee Folke Wallberg without whom we could not have achieved this milestone. God bless you all for your help!