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How to get to TOLO

The easiest way to get to TOLO from for example Bangkok is by bus.
If you arrive to the airport Suvarnabhumi, you can easily either take a taxi to the Bus station called Mochit (there are also a skytrain station with the same name) which are a bout 4 km away from eachother.  The taxi from the airport should not be over 500 Baht.
In the bus station, there are several bus companies, The blue buses are quite comfortable and cheap, ticket to Buriram is around 300 Baht.
There is  an alternative for a King/Queen, The Nakhonchai Air bus, they have First class and Gold class buses, and the service is excellent, good leg room, hostess on the bus that provide snacks non alchoholic drinks, blankets etc.
The economy alternative is the 99bus company, they are run by the government and make a lot of stops on the way up, which make the trip feel more local. its like a mini adventure.
Those mentioned companies have a good fleet of buses.   And dont worry about booking tickets, the bus station is HUGE and there are buses leaving to Buriram every hour.
Another way is to go by train. 
Details to come here.
Its not recommended to rent a car in Bangkok and drive up yourself, the traffic in Bangkok is bad, its better to use taxi, even if you want to go to Buriram, it would cost around 5000 Baht (160 USD)  to Buriram (Expect to pay the Toll on the highway in bangkok, if you dont take the toll road, you might be stuck in traffic jam in Bangkok) 
However in Buriram you can rent a car, there are some good rental companies with good service. more in the "To Stay" section.