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Latest Pictures from Ban Yoei Sakae School

Here are the latest photos from Wat Ban Yoei Sakae Elementary School. It is here that we are creating the Juta Sports Center to accommodate 2,200 plus students from 12 rural poor schools in the local area. Principal Juta Sathipjahn was principal here for 6 years before dying of cancer. He has been gone for five years now. He set such a wonderful example for this and other communities so we decided to create these facilities as a legacy to acknowledge this fine individual's work with children. These facilities, which include an in-door sports building, a dining hall, a bathroom-shower facility and various sport fields so each of these schools can utilize the facilities free of charge for their sporting events, boy scout-girl scout camps and English language camps. Other activities, gatherings and Christian outreaches can be held here as well. We are hoping that Newin Chidchob, president of the Buriram United Football Club and Chang International Corporation as well as other local businessmen and women and foreign donors and charities will become part of the funding base for the sports fields. Please consider being part of this noble undertaking by making a donation in any amount through this web site. Addresses and donation pages are on the site..

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