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October 2014 Photos at Grace Hall.

Here are the latest photos of the interior of Grace Hall taken during the week of 5-10 October 2014. Painting except for the ceiling and staircase area ios finished. The laborers have prepared the grounds around the house in preparation of pouring cement sidewalks which are schgeduled to be done on Monday 13 October. KAP Cement has graciously offered the provide the needed 9 cubic meters of premixed cement to complete that portion of the construction. In the foillowing week we will ceramic tile the entire 85 square meters of sidewalk to make the house look even better. We have snake problems in Thailand and areas which are cemented help to keep the snake problem at bay. Over half of the 182 species of snakes here are venomous, and a half dozen of these species have no anti-venom. The painting of the interior has been completed by David Zundin a 71 year old volunteer from the state of Virginia.

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