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Photos from Restart of the Construction on Grace Hall May 9, 2014

On the 24th of April 2014, since we had some accumulated funds available to start work again we renewed our efforts to begin working on the building of Grace Hall, our new dorm at Tree of Life Orphanage Foundation Buriram Thailand.

On May the 9th, at the request of a couple of our donors to show the progress, we took a series of 31 new photos of the facility. We still have quite a few things that need to be completed. Ceramic tiling of all of the floor space and bathroom and shower facilities and the kitchen walls and attaching concrete frames around window openings are now all in progress and should be completed in about three weeks.

Exterior painting will be next on the list of things to do. On Saturday afternoon, May 10th, Phongsri and I went to Homemart Building Supply and purchased the exterior paint, paint brushes and paint rollers to do the exterior painting. We will first paint the cement surfaces white as an undercoating. The walls will be painted a light lemon yellow, with the trim around the windows and door frames a mild green We will do two coats of paint to make the color stand out. The overhang sheet rock will be painted a light brown. And then, once the exterior painting is done, we can remove the scaffolding.

Step by step, we will start with creating the, electrical connections, and purchase the needed circuit breaker box and an electric utility meter. Once that is completed we will add lighting fixtures, ceiling and wall fans, ceiling tiles and aluminum frames, purchase two flush toilets and kitchen and bathroom sinks and the kitchen counter-tops, add the septic tank, install a water pump and erect a 1,000 liter water storage tank, This will all be followed by installing 34 linear meters of aluminum drainage guttering with drain spouts located at each of the four corners of the roof line to provide for runoff of rain water, We still need to tile the staircase and add the railings for the staircase area.

We will also have to purchase a total of 24 windows, 7 doors and 24 window screens. Interior painting will be next to be done as we need to take advantage of the sunny days as monsoon rains will soon be upon us. Then once the facility is completed we will be adding sidewalks, repairing, widening and lengthening of the driveway, adding twenty dump truck loads of landfill soil and spreading it evenly across the sport field areas to raise the level of the grounds to hinder the possibility of flooding during monsoon season..

In order to keep so we still need donations of at least six thousand dollars more We encourage you to consider using paypal button on this site or sending funds via Family Life Church in Sulphur Springs, Texas, especially if you want to receive credit for your donation for IRS (tax) purposes. We deeply appreciate any help you might provide, no matter what the amount. It all adds up and together we can make it happen. You will be able to share in the blessing of helping us provide for orphaned, abandoned and indigent children here in Buriram Province, Thailand! Please be generous. Make it happen.