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Reprieve Building Efforts Continue Apace September 2013

Well, just when it looked like we would have to stop construction we received a reprieve. Last April (2012, not 2013) I bought my wife a Suzuki Swift, a small compact car. We struggled to put down as much as we could but we still had a 48 month payment schedule (31 payments to go). The one thing that caused me to go ahead with the car purchase was Thailand's one time offer of a rebate for sales tax for all first time buyers. So many people had lost their cars to the floods the previous year which devastated the economy of Thailand and caused many many billions of dollars in losses to property and businesses. Pong and I have been married for 24 years. I told her long ago that I would buy her a car someday and this one has really filled the bill. Meanwhile my own Toyota Tiger pick-up truck is over 15 years old and is still in working condition although it shakes and rattles--yet it still rolls (along). Yesterday we finally received the tax rebate which was long overdue and it was 70,000 baht, which paid the Thai laborers and allowed us to buy the needed materials to keep going. 30 baht to the dollar is the current exchange rate. We are still some 10,000 dollars short of what it will take to finish the construction of Grace Hall. That is so much better than 12,000 dollars we needed before that. So it is continue on with construction as usual, in spite of the very torrential rains we have been experiencing. Once again Thailand is flooding, 23 provinces are affected. The three potential Thai donors have yet to come through but as I told my wife, one or two or even all three will eventually come through. It would be such a blessing if we could continue until the building finishes as the need is there. Keep praying and doing whatever you can to see us through this project. Thanks, everyone who have contributed to make this happen and for all of you who haven't yet, there is still plenty of time for you to do your part. Even a simple paypal contribution of 10 dollars (see our web site at www.tolo-thailand.com for details), if enough people respond will make this happen. Be part of the outreach and help these indigent, abandoned and orphaned children to have a better life. By His grace alone and in Him alone.