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Volunteer Opportunities

THANK YOU! To all our past, current, and future volunteers! You have made an impact in the lives of TOLO children and the future of Thailand.
TOLO is blessed to have volunteers come to Thailand from all over the world. We welcome you to come and share your personal talents and gifts with the children. You can teach at English camps, help clean, entertain with music, share in the cooking, take part in building projects, or simply love the children. Whatever your gifts and talents, we will find a place for you.
Orphanage Volunteer Opportunities
Tree of Life Orphanage offers many opportunities for service in the area of schools and in the community. We are looking for people to help in the orphanage and to serve in the primary and secondary schools, and at either Hope of Buriram Church or Buriram Community Church.

  • Child Care / Child Minding at the orphanage
  • Facilities cleaning, maintenance, construction and or repair, yard work, gardening, painting, designing and painting murals on the walls.
  • Teaching and directing children’s activities (story-telling, book readings, songs, dance, games, guitar, drums, keyboard training, painting, coloring and drawing, tutoring in English and mathematics), giving English lessons to kids at center and at the churches.
  • Outreach-communicating and interacting by speaking English with our university and high school and elementary students, involvement in sharing and singing at the local churches, schools, English camps, community events, and concerts
  • Village visiting, witnessing, sharing.
  • Distributing tracts, new testaments and shoes, prayer walking, praying for the sick.

Volunteer opportunities are not limited to the above list. We know volunteering takes many forms and welcome you as you are.
If you happen to stay long enough we go touring around to visit the temples, parks, handicraft villages, elephant village (we actually go on elephant rides!) and do frequent school visits to perform for the students.
Want to know more about volunteering? Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Or download the TOLO Volunteer Guide.