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Volunteers at TOLO

We welcome you to Volunteer at TOLO.
All the time we have ongoing projects and there are always need for help in different forms,  You can do what you are good at, and even if you are not good at it, the kids love different activities.
Ongoing projects can include helping to build or repair something in a school,conduct English camps for children, or making improvements, creating gardens, landscaping, painting the home for the children, even helping to get your friends to finance badly needed improvements to the facilities through collecting funds and sending donations via paypal.
A stay at TOLO is not like staying in an institution, YOU are a part of the family. At TOLO there are no orphan kids and staff. Everyone is considered to be part of a single family and we live together as a family.
On the right you find links to most of the things that are good to know.
As up until now there have been 815 TOLO Volunteers from 47 different countries who have served here for a period of from one week to six months since we started in 1998, we want you to increase that number by becoming part of what we do here at TOLO.
There will be pages with all Volunteers that have been here.