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Ways to give

TOLO is registered as a private not for profit organization in Thailand, established as a means for providing food, shelter, clothing, education and other assistance to needy children, both resident and non-resident at the center who have been identifed as either orphaned, abandoned or indigent or whose parents are unable to adequately provide for their needs.

TOLO also sponsors the 97 children of the Wat Ban Yoei Sakae Elementary School located in Tambon Ban Samet, Muang District, Buriram Thailand as well as 3 more kids in grade 7 whose educational expenses we cover at Pattara Bhopit Secondary School


Mr Folke Wallberg (a member of our board of trustees) is authorized by TOLO to collect money on our behalf and transfer it to the TOLO account in Thailand to help fund the operations and programs of TOLO Buriram.

When you designate a gift for TOLO, please send an additional email message to Roger Walker to confirm the amount of the gift sent so appropriate acknowledgement and receipts can be provided.

Purpose of your gift If desired please include how you want your gift to be used Sponsoring A Child:

We will use the money according to your wish, a special project, books, toys etc... 

If you dont have any preferred use for your gift, the money will be used for the daily run of the orphange or to support an ongoing project in a school.



Include Child’s Name Mention Project Name or Use Tell us how you want the funds to be used.

Note that the agreement with Folke is that 100% of your gift will reach TOLO, the money is collected on the Paypal account, when it has reached an amount that is reasonable, www.xe.com is used to determine how much your gift is in Thai Baht, this ammount is then sent to TOLO via Moneygram.




Non-Financial Gifts (books, toys, clothing) Send directly to:

Tree Of Life Orphanage

Att: Roger Walker

166/23 Na Watpa,

Amphur Muang Changwat Buriram,

31000 Thailand



Financial Gifts – By Check: If you wish to make a tax deductible gift Send and make all checks payable to one of our supporting churches.

If you choose to write the check payable to either church remember to indicate on the "for" line for Tree of Life Orphanage Thailand but send to Family Life Church if made payable to TOLO or Tree of Life Orphanage or if the check is payable in currency other than US dollar amounts.

Family Life Church

Att: Pastor Terry Sparks

1400 East Loop 301 Sulphur Springs,

TX 75482

Phone: (903) 438-2681 - - - -


Financial Gifts – By Western Union Gifts sent via Western Union are usually available within minutes.
The sender will be charged a transaction fee. For example a gift of $200 dollars will be charged approximately $21 dollars for a total of $221 dollars.
Go to any Western Union location and select the “To Send Money” form.
You will need the following information:
Sending Money to: Dollar Amount to Send: $$$$
Receiver First and Last Name: Roger D. Walker
Expected Payout Location City: State: Buriram Thailand
Send Message with Money: Use this option if you are specifying how you want your contribution to be used. (Sponsor a specific child, support a certain project, specific purchase. etc.)

You will receive a receipt of the transaction with a 10 digit MTCN #. Please email this number to TOLO.
It will help verify that we are the correct recipients.
The funds will instantly be transferred to available Western Union locations in Thailand and can be picked up by TOLO at any Western Union location in our region.
If you would like to see the nearest Western Union location in your area go to www.WesternUnion.com.


Financial Gifts – By Bank Wire Transfer Financial gifts can be sent by wire transfer directly to TOLO’s bank in Buriram. International wire transfers can have fees of $50 or more for the sender and TOLO is also charged a transaction fee. Please check with your bank for all fees.
Our bank account information is as follows:

Bank Name: Swift Address: AYUDTHBK
Account Name: Account Number: Please email TOLO for the account no.
Bank Street Address:Bank of Ayudhya Public Co, Ltd.
c Buriram Rajabhat University Branch
Jira Road Amphur Muang Changwat Buriram
31000 Thailand